Level Design

Here is my personal portfolio (And also I will add a professional works when it happens) about Level Design. The list here is about all of my projects that I worked as Level Designer. In some of them I worked in more than one role. In others just making the whole environment. Projects can be complete games or just personal work.

Hope you enjoy it

<<Click here to see my Demo Reel 2013-2015>>

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Solartopia [Dog Bonus Level – iOS](Unreal Engine – 2016)

The Holders “Seeker’s Trial” (CryEngine – 2015)

GameSDK 2015-08-30 03-46-13-41

Abandoned Mental Institution (Unreal Engine 4 – 2015)


Perplex Dimensions (CryEngine 3.4.8 – 2013)



Dreaming Island (CryEngine 3.4.8 – 2013)

Launcher 2012-12-25 23-45-08-83


Infernal Underground (Cube 2 Engine – 2013)



El Libro De Shadows “Dome City” (Cube 2 Engine – 2013)