Abandoned Mental Institution

This project is the first ever project that I started to develop in Unreal Engine 4. I must admit that my first approach with Unreal Engine 4 was in my univeristy when I decided to make my final project using it and making a system with blueprints and C++ code to allow the developer make a “Save System”, “Inventory System”, “Achievement System” and “Dialog System”… All together in a single project.

The good point was I had a little approach so I started just focusing in level design aspects and I’ve spent 1 week trying stuff, and learning the editor itself, then I started the map from scratch and in a week I made a little abandoned mental institution. The map itslef is in my opinion a good map but not excelent… it has some details but I’m really proud of the final result to be “my first time”

I started to design the map itself in a paper, trying to give the player some areas to explore besides the patch to walk over the map, also it was intended to be a couple of maps to make a story using as a thematic the creepypastas series “The Holders” (That’s why I decided to name it The Holders VideoGame).

The dialogs are not implemented and are not ready yet to be placed in any part of the game. Also the map in the future will have some minor modifications to make it more ejoyable to see and also add part of the gameplay inteded for the game (It will be a Adventure visual novel)