Infernal Underground

1507357_554849114584887_1554094644_oInfernal Underground is an Old School FPS developed when I made my own Development group called Darkware Game Studios (The same team that after becomes part of the Formerly HeXentic Games called now W Studios Chile). I worked in the project since July 2010, and I’ve spent most of the time planning, but the development process started in early April 2011 where a competition organized by the old community of made a challenge to make a game with free theme and we participate with the beta version of Infernal Underground.

When beta was published I started a work in 2013 with the idea of redesign and retexture the whole game, also it includes the next levels to complete the game in December 2013.

I made the whole design of the game, Level Design, Story and programming of the level scripts in any of the maps.

Cube 2 Engine is an Open Source Engine so even I spent time in programming, I made a Save System with an Achievement system for the game. Also the scripting to include personal content such as music and textures.

The game can be downloaded in

Also here is a video of one of my favorites maps in the game and I really enjoyed to make (The music is of Doom 2 and is different in the complete game)