Perplex Dimensions

793666_601273249888093_652074981_oPerplex Dimensions was a visual novel developed in CryEngine 3.4 with the Free SDK version. My complete job was to make the whole environment using the assets of the FreeSDK. also I worked with a 3D Modeler so we were able to include our own content. The level itself was intended with the idea to make a visual novel for the Global Game Jam 2013 and I recieve help with the dialogs (I decided the areas of the level where to place each of them).411002_10200352840048165_595622702_o

Was a really hard work, I mean I’ve practically the 48 hours of the event doing the map and trying to fix any detail that I can… I starte with a little concept of the map that I wanted and I applied the whole teachings of a course that I made in December 2012 about CryEngine in DigitalTutors (And you can see the certificates in my resume section).


If you have CryEngine Free SDK 3.4.8 you can download the map in moddb



After that I continued the main the idea… and make a second map placed in a swamp… was a work of a couple of days but not complete finished and after abandoned due to other duties related with my universitary career