And here we are again. After a lot of time, I’ve been very busy trying to make this webpage alive again, updating my portfolio and content here, but I guess the time has worth it.

I’m here again, now with this COVID-19 situation worldwide, I’m having a very hard time with financial problems and no job, but that makes me realize how I abandoned this part of the game development. Now I’m focusing on making it alive.

I’ve applied to different game companies worldwide. In one of those applications, I had to make a Level Design as a test of my skills, and since the last Friday, I’ve been working at this level, using one of the towns inside my book “El Libro De Shadows.”

As you can see in my portfolio this is not the first time I do Level Design on something related to my book, but this is my first level after three years. It’s been a while since then, I still have a lot to practice and to do, but it was a pleasant experience after all, and I’m happy with the results.

Well, I hope to be writing here more.


See you around