Hello, here Simon, writing some report about the 3rd day of the development process of my map, doing this challenge in the best way as possible. I received a little feedback, I really appreciate it and I’ll fix the points with some issues.

But anyway I’m here to show you the little progress of today, like sundays the workflow is kinda low, but I make some progress in detailing, adding some meshes and vegetation layers on the map, but I have a little question on here…


Editor 2013-09-08 22-33-17-22Editor 2013-09-08 22-33-03-92Editor 2013-09-08 22-32-54-38Editor 2013-09-08 22-32-41-28Editor 2013-09-08 22-32-31-53Editor 2013-09-08 22-33-39-93Editor 2013-09-08 22-34-20-09











Like you see in the images, I added the cliff rocks in the map, looks… not bad but I guess don’t look good at all, but the map looks too empty without it and with it looks kinda false…  I really need an opinion about that.

See you soon!