More rooms!

Yeah! More Rooms!! Okay to be honest I’m kidding… just I’m trying to make the level more inmersive. I’m adding the details but I still having the feeling about the light is not quite good as must be… In fact I must admit that I haven’t do so much with the light itself… I must […]

VideoGames Extreme Workshop Participation

Hello friends. Well the last weekend I went to Santiago to participate in the VideoGames Extreme Workshop 2014 at Federico Santa María University. The game jam was about to make a videogame is 24 hours in whatever tool what you want… It’s not the first time in this event, I alredy participated in 2012 and […]

Come Back!

Hello people. Well now I promise more activity in this blog, I’m back in game development  after a really good rest of 6 months, after of the release of my First game Infernal Underground, even getting more coverage that I really expected on him. Infernal Underground was published in the last days of December 2014 […]