I'm Simón Carreño

Level Designer & Game Programmer

Computer Engineer with solid experience in Game Development, my main areas are Level Design and Game Programming.


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Featured Work

Level Design / Level ARt / Game Design

The Holders “Seeker’s Trial”

Personal project with the old Hexentic Games team. The game was developed with CryEngine and I got the role to design the game mechanics and also the Game environments.

Level Design / Level Scripting / Engine Programming

Infernal Underground

Old-school FPS inspired by Quake and Doom. This game was developed under the Cube 2 Engine. I participated as the Game Designer and programmer, making the game levels and flow. Also, I modified the engine source code to add support for SQLite Databases allowing save the game progress and game achievements.

Level Design / Level Scripting / Gameplay Programming

Hexen “The Land of the Serpent Riders”

Hexen “The Land of the Serpent riders” (Formerly called Hexen III “The Land of the Serpent Riders”) is a mod for the original Hexen game developed by Rave Software. The story is about a new apprentice of the Serpent Riders magic who wants to become a new serpent rider.

My Skills

Game Programming

I’m experienced in the Game Programming aspects, doing labors as Gameplay Programmer and Lead Programmer of projects for Advergames. I’ve been using languages like C#, I’ve worked with Unreal Engine and Unity mostly developing Games and Mobile/PC Applications. 

Unity Engine C# Developer

Experience with Unity Engine as a gameplay programmer, level programmer and making connection with platforms and hardware in game and non-game projects.

AR Experience

Experience in developing and publishing apps for mobile devices using Unity with Vuforia mostly.

Level Design

Part of the beginning of my travel as a Game developer was in level design. Since I was a Game Modder of Hexen (A game by Raven Studios), I made this one part of my specialties. I’ve worked with Unreal Engine and CryEngine, mostly in the Level design .

Building from the concept

Able to do Level Design concepts and documentation, giving details about Level mechanics and game mechanics inside a Level Design document and bringing the concept into a real scene.


I love compose game levels, make ideas and concept alive and create new and oustanding game worlds.

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