Elemental Wizards - A magical and digital Trading Card Game

Game Design / Game Programming

Developed for:

  • Independent group (Calling ourselves “Ether Game Studios”)

Software & Technology

  • Unity
  • Unity Version Control
  • Unity Cloud Build


  • Game Designer
  • Game Programmer
  • Project Management


  • Alpha playable version (Aug 30th)
  • Beta version (September 17th)
  • Store releases (Early access)

Project Info

Project Description

Elemental Wizards started as a game project for the Master in Game Design at UA School. I supported myself with the help of a friend and we ended up escalating the project into a full game.

The game is a trading card game similar to Shadow Era, Magic and Mitos y Leyendas (A Chilean local TCG) where players control a mage in their battles and with the help of spells and henchmen must defeat their enemies in battle.


My Job

As part of the Game Design master’s program I had to do all the Game Design documentation. From planning the game mechanics, balance on cards and gather the enough references to start working on it. Then I moved into an hybrid role as Programmer and Planner, where I had to either do the gameplay programming but also coordinating with my friend the development process in other areas such as UI Design, UX and even Art direction.


 Game Design

Game Documentation and Design process

I had to do all the planning of the game, taking references, doccument them and with the different iterations of the game, create a solid base that we launched as our first Alpha Release. Then based on feedback and testing we were able to evolve the game into an Early access that was published on Apple Store and finally Epic Games Store

Game Design Document at Notion

Game Programming

Effects system and Mechanics

I also took charge of the core features of the game, creating the necessary coding to make the game works as it should be based on the design. Created the entire effect system and how cards are meant to deal their effects + the game rules necessary for players to enjoy the game.

Project Management

Future Planning and Releases on the stores

I also took the process into publishing the game for MacOS and Windows users. Also planned ahead different scenarios to define future steps for the project. Since this project is a sideline project I have no problem into share my planning and my process in my page

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