Here is a list of the projects were I worked. Some of them are little projects just for portfolio improvement and some others are complete projects developed inside a team or game studio.


The Dam (Ongoing Project)

  • Role: Level Design
  • Game Engine: CryEngine
  • Description: A level created with the intention to relearn CryEngine for game development.

Nzooka’s Tyranny “The Club” – The Design Den Challenge

  • Role: Level Design
  • Game Engine: Unreal Engine
  • Description: My map for The Design Den December 2020 Challenge

Sewers – Old School FPS Map – Level Design Lobby Task

  • Role: Level Design
  • Game Engine: Unreal Engine
  • Description: Level created into the Level Design Lobby Mentorship with the concept of a Sewer environment for an Old School FPS game.

Outpost_FFA Map

  • Role: Level Design
  • Game Engine: Cube 2 Engine
  • Description: A multiplayer map for the arena FPS based on Cube 2: Sauerbraten called Tomatenquark. Made this map for FFA Game mode
    Screenshots shows the process from the concept to the final result.

The Holders “Seeker’s Trial”

  • Role: Level Design / Level Art
  • Game Engine: CryEngine EaaS
  • Description: Exploration game where I take the role of Level designer. making the Level Design documentation and planning on every aspect in the game. The project was suspended after I became fully employed at Octopus.

Infernal Underground

  • Role: Level Design / Level Scripting / Engine Programming
  • Game Engine: Cube 2 Engine
  • Description: Old-school FPS. Personal project released in 2013 with Hexentic Games team. I’ve made the Level design of all levels in this game, making secret areas and level progression.

Hexen “The Land of the Serpent Riders”

  • Role: Level Design / Level Scripting / Gameplay Programming
  • Game Engine: Doom Engine (Power by GZDoom Sourceport)
  • Description: This project is a personal Mod of the Hexen “Beyond of Heretic” created by Raven Software. Almost all the levels in this mod are by myself. I’m still working on it, and you can see the progress in the Zdoom Forum
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