Nzooka's Tyranny "The Club"- The Design Den December Challenge

Level Design

Developed for:

  • The Design Den December Challenge

Software & Technology

  • Unreal Engine


  • Level Design


  • Level Layout
  • Level Design Document
  • Level Blockout in Editor

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Project Info

Project Description

The level was intended for The Design Den December Challenge, where we sim a technical test for a company who ask us to create a level in a defined schedule, also the level must to achieve a couple of gameplay and defined constraints and also located in a defined area.


My Job

I started creating the level brief grabbing some visual references and put them inside a Level Design Document, this lead me to the level layout which after I have a first sketch I put it inside Unreal Engine, after that I ended updating my first layouts to achieve my vision of the level. I had to implement some basic mechanic and enemy location with objects and covering.

 Level Design

Level Design Documentation and Layout

I started with the LDD which allows me to focus in essential aspects for my current level, then I moved to the level layout that I used to create the basic shape of the level, and then start to improving it.

Level Design

Level Blockout inside Unreal Engine

After I finished the level layout and documentation I started to work inside Unreal Engine and do the entire level blockout, basic lightning and enemy placement with some of the gameplay aspects added into the level.

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