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Level Design

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  • Level Design


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Project Info

Project Description

The project was to create a small level in which you start in the sewers, taking down enemies. Then moving up to say a back alley before leading to city streets where the mission ends.
The level should be around 5 mins in
total. The focus should on pacing how players move through the space, as well as how to trickle in enemies, using gating, etc. It should be focused on the fun.


My Job

I started creating the level layout and grabbing some visual references and put them inside a Level Design Document, with also a disclosure of all the objectives and challenges that the player will be facing inside the level. After that I moved into the editor and started the level blockout using basic lightninf and primitives to put the level elements. I also used some FPS pack from Unreal Marketplace to have some basic gameplay mechanics with basic AI for enemies.

 Level Design

Level Design Documentation and Layout

I started some documentation for future levels in the game, adding  some level constraints and guidelines for the future level deveolpment. I recovered an early stage document that I’m sharing it now. The document is incomplete but this was my first approach in a personal project to do level preproduction.

Level Design

Level Blockout inside Unreal Engine

After I finished the level layout and documentation I started to work inside Unreal Engine and do the entire level blockout, basic lightning and enemy placement with some of the gameplay aspects added into the level.

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