The Holders "Seeker's Trial"

Level Design / Level Art / Game Design

Developed for:

  • Hexentic Games

Software & Technology Used

  • CryEngine EaaS
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk 3Ds Max


  • Level Art
  • Level Design
  • Game Design


  • Level Planing
  • Level Composition
  • Storyboard
  • Game Mechanics Design

Project Info

Project Description

The Holder’s “Seeker’s Trial” is a First Person exploration game developed with the HeXentic Games team,

I manage to plan the environments using the documentation, the story is focused in the famous creepypasta series called The Holders, we face the player (The Seeker) in the situation of a possible reunion of all objects and its consequences.

The project was developed at Hexentic Games team with the intention of being a commercial game. However this project was abandoned after I got employed at Octopus

My Job

I manage to make the entire environments in CryEngine, I made the functions as a Lead Designer, making the design documents (Game and level design documents) of the game. Also I made some other roles like importing content from Unreal Engine marketplace to CryEngine and also adjusting some materials in Engine and also using 3rd party software (Photoshop)

Level Art

Abandoned Mental Institution Map Composition

I made the entire game level environment for this especific level. I used some preivously made assets and start composing the entire scene in CryEngine editor. Adding lightning and doing some texture tweaking with the material editor and Photoshop.

 Level Design

Abandoned Manor Level Planing and Mental Institution Layouts

I started some documentation for future levels in the game, adding  some level constraints and guidelines for the future level deveolpment. I recovered an early stage document that I’m sharing it now. The document is incomplete but this was my first approach in a personal project to do level preproduction.

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