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Hello! I’m Simon. I’ve Been Developing Games Since 2010


I’ve been a gamer since my childhood, and I always enjoyed more the idea of editing and creating my content instead of only playing the game itself. When I was at school I started this journey as a modder in 2009, developing a couple of projects for Hexen and Heretic, and this gives me the approach in Level design since the beginning. But it wasn’t until 2010 after I saw a video of a game in development that I decided to start my career in game development.
I started studying Computer Engineer. My first approaches in game development, wherein Game Programming and Level Design. I started my old-school first-person shooter as my first experience in game development. However, while I was making it, I attended some game jams in my country: Videogames Extreme Workshop by Videogames Chile and the Global Game Jam.

In 2013, one year before my graduation, I was able to complete my first-person shooter; This, however, made a breakpoint in my entire career direction as I realize that I wanted to become a professional game designer.
Since then, I started to grow up this part of the game development, trying to apply this knowledge wherever I worked, this lead me to my current state, where I became a complete professional with wide knowledge in different areas of game development, I take my chance and started to study a Master’s Degree in this area while I’m still looking forward for the chance to become a professional Game Designer as I continue learning more and more about the career path I chose.






Years of Experience

Years of Experience in Unity

Years As Entrepreneur


  • Unity C# Game Development
  • Experience with Vuforia AR
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Unreal Engine Experience


  • Computer Enginering
  • CAPM Preparation Course
  • Level Design Courses
  • Currently enrolled in a Game Design Master’s Program

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