El Libro De Shadows

El Libro de Shadows (In english “The Shadow’s Book”) is my own book that I’ve wrote, it’s my own fantastical story where it takes place in a mystic world of mages, Francisco is a simple student of our own world, but he realizes that is the incarnation of a ancient powerful mage called Xorax, so Francisco must go to the other world through a mystical mirror in the Cathedral in his city.

Francisco just not deal with other mages, he must go further and fight against powerful organizations and also himself.

The story is currently in development as a book, unfortunately I haven’t made an English version of the book but I hope make one really soon.

How much titles are ELDS?

  1. ELDS: Renaissance
  2. ELDS 2: Frozen War
  3. ELDS 3: Death’s resistance
  4. ELDS 4: Revelations
  5. ELDS 5: The Travels
  6. ELDS 6: Alter Ego

How much of these titles are actually released?

The first title is released and is available to buy (Only in Spanish)

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

What are you planning with ELDS?

Actually I’m just building environments improving my own skills as a Level Designer, in fact my goal is make a complete set of environments that you can explore and check the events of ELDS story. Also even adding “little games” over there such as puzzles, and fights.

Actually my old HeXen mods Taurustar Croniques and Chaos Sphere Worlds (With the unfinished expansion Dark Chaos) shows the story of ELDS 3 Part II: Taurustar Chronicles and ELDS 3 Part III: Dark Chaos.

I have a little demo of Dome City running in my Dark Tech Engine (Cube 2 Mod Engine). Images can be found here

Will we ever seen an English version of the book?

Maybe, actually I’m not writing it because I was more worried about my professional growing as a Level Designer, but probably I’ll try to release the English version of ELDS as soon as possible.

How we can get noticed about changes?

You can use the same way that you can notice about my activity, follow me on twitter, and also follow the blog… but if you just want to know only about ELDS just Like it on Facebook