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VideoGames Extreme Workshop Participation

Hello friends. Well the last weekend I went to Santiago to participate in the VideoGames Extreme Workshop 2014 at Federico Santa María University. The game jam was about to make a videogame is 24 hours in whatever tool what you want... It's not the first time in this...

Making a level in 11 days using CryEngine 3 – Day 11

Well   I must give my apologies about I didn't posted my progress days 8,9 and 10... But I really found a little hard look for more stuff to add in my map and stuff to fix, the map is not perfect, but I learned more concept about a realistic terrain... I'm not...

Game Engines



Well Day 5. I tried to put some particles in the scene... also I add a new area in the second floor...   I realize something, I have some little problems with snapping objects in the scene (Walls to be specific) I guess is there an option in Unreal Engine 4 to...




Well I guess is time to considerate it will be a real though challenge to achieve what I really expect of this game, or to be honest... of this environment. I've been busy the whole Sunday afternoon trying to achieve something with the lights and also I realize the...