Why should? Why Shouldn’t?

Well I guess I’m gonna talk something personal with whoever will read this… and also I’ll make my own conclusions for myself… If you are noticed, Rather than dealing with unsavory characters every time you need to replenish your supply, you can just go online and order from legitimate retailers. The point of this […]

Game Developers needs money

Okay I guess someone who read the title will make a sarcasm about them, anyway I guess I’m really fucked up for to say it and I really want to do it right now, even if someone don’t share my opinion. When I begun in game development two years ago (okay just 8 days left […]

Participation at VideoGames Extreme Workshop 2012

Hello People.   Well after a long of time without any article or post here I have soemthing to tell you, In the last weekend I’ve participated in the videogames Extreme Workshop 2012 at Universidad Federico Santa María. A Game Jam where I must develop a game in 24 hours, was a really gratefully experience […]

More Complete

In the objective of to make a more complete and seriously site I added more information about my career and my objectives, experience all in game development aspects… I hope that all the information be really usefully

New Webpage

Hello People Well I guess this is my 123869364597 time that I try to make my webpage… I’ll hope that this will be definitive.   Cya people nothing more to add