Yeah! More Rooms!!

Okay to be honest I’m kidding… just I’m trying to make the level more inmersive. I’m adding the details but I still having the feeling about the light is not quite good as must be… In fact I must admit that I haven’t do so much with the light itself… I must to check how to fix just not the global ilumination… I must really make particles and some sort of “Creepy” details just as the holders series do in their stories…

Guys I really invite you to read the series in are really interesting to read… So I guess at the moment I have a more generic “mental institution” than an specific holder place…

Keep reading I hope really soon I’ll have a better environment in my map.

Also there is a couple of pictures of my 3rd day (As I said before I just make some modifications to the zones and add more props… To be honest the time I worked today in the level is 1 hour… Is just like the “Part Time Level Designer” of WoLD (World of Level Design) said about it)

Anyway Regards to everyone and enjoy