Well I guess I’m gonna talk something personal with whoever will read this… and also I’ll make my own conclusions for myself… If you are noticed,

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The point of this is, I’m getting tired about all stuff what happens near to me, I really had a lot of problems with parents and other people who don’t want the idea of I getting outside and make video games, even if it is at Santiago… The point is it’s a constant discussion about this thing and makes my mind really wired when I try to make my games, I’m trying this since 2 years ago and I just have 1 beta and 1 demo, but not a complete game for to show to the people… The fault is obviously mine, I don’t think the people were right when they said “don’t make a FPS” or “Don’t make an RPG” look, I have a friend (Ignacio Brasca, I think I mentioned him in HeXentic Games team, or something, anyway you can visit his page just click on Warkanlock Studios webpage link on my blog) and he made a lot of games, complete games with Unreal Technology, have a long portfolio and he has 16 (I guess)… I don’t think the ages was the problem, the problem is here, is me, is the place, is the fucking stuff behind to me… I’m really tired and well trying to escape from here, I’m in middle of nowhere making video games and I feel that…

Also the other stuff is related about my university career, my original interest was be a Game Programmer, but I’ve change my opinion about that, I know how to programming and make good applications or implement databases, etc I want to, I WISH TO study something related about Games, game designer career are really bad here, but is there is the chance… I really need to do something for that, wait and try it, or change now because I have some financial aid than covers until 1 change.. Should I? Why Shouldn’t? Why should escape from here and make my life away? or Why must I stay here in middle of nowhere getting a shitty job in computer engineering?