Hello Guys


Day 6, I can say we have the 50% of this challenge done, but I’m not sure if I have more than 50% of my environment or I don’t have so much progress. The new ideas and the feedback that I received by community must be applied. I have a couple of things to do before I publish this map, and also I have the fix a lot of stuff. Anyway, I’m still making terrain modifications and also I added the last area of this environment, Checking the development process (before posting I was making some retrospective vision) I guess this environment is going in a good way, but can be better and I really want to do it so.

Anyway enjoy the screenshots

Editor 2013-09-11 21-33-45-43Editor 2013-09-11 21-33-56-83Editor 2013-09-11 21-34-02-10 Editor 2013-09-11 21-34-12-79Editor 2013-09-11 21-34-18-73Editor 2013-09-11 21-35-38-62Editor 2013-09-11 21-35-46-25