Hello Guys

1377131828_thumbTime has passed since my last post, even I didn’t write about my participation at Global GameJam in January of this year.

Anyway, now I’m here because I’m determined in become a Level Designer, so that’s why now I started a challenge for myself. I readed in World of Level Design a little challenge to make a level in a short deadline, for to be more specific: Make a Level in 11 Days. Tha author made that challenge using Unreal Development Kit, but I decide to make the same challenge using CryEngine 3, the workflow should be the same make a level in UDK. I’ll try to upload progress day by day and getting my own conclusions. Also If someone decides to make some comment and feedback I’ll try to apply it immediately.


So now with the goal and the deadline defined… Let’s get started! 😉


Day 0 Challenge