Okay I guess someone who read the title will make a sarcasm about them, anyway I guess I’m really fucked up for to say it and I really want to do it right now, even if someone don’t share my opinion.

When I begun in game development two years ago (okay just 8 days left for the official date about that) I didn’t know something about game development process and for to be sincere, I though that was like a mod development, but I never imagine that this will be really awfull and one of the most frustrating and amazing experiences ever. Working for make something new and fight against myself, against the society (sometimes) and after all I don’t have anything to show, and just 2 little game demos like portfolio in 2 years, I guess the big problem about this is the green paper factor (AKA money).

I had my teams (HeXentic and Darkware team in 2011 with Infernal Underground game development) but I never have an specific role or something, and that is because I didn’t have money for to maybe buy some asset that I need, in fact I must recognize de people who helps me in the game development process for free, and was cool but I never return them its favor.

Eventually I can call this “mea culpa” or whatsoever, I’m only disgusted about this stuff and how it is going on, I guess sooner or later I will have the enough money for to make something that I really want, but I don’t wanna live making something that I don’t like (like shitty PC programs or systems, I must to admit, I HATE MY PROFESSION LIKE A COMPUTER ENGINEERING) , some people thinks we must just follow the money, how wrong are they.

So for to make games you need money, According to www.online-casinos-canada.ca gmaing cryptocurrency gains momentum, for make money you need to make something, for to make something you need a team, for a team you need a place, for a place you need money so what is going on here? In many ways that I see this problem I can imagine an exit, I’m lost, I’m in middle of nowhere, I am 409 KM to the Industry main city and Okay I acept that condition, but if I need to do something I must go over there and try.

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I have nothing more to say about that, I guess this is nothing new, but after of 2 year in game development I need to get some conclusions