Well I guess I’m using this make so philosophical debate about the life and about my way to be a Game Designer, a successfully one, be recognized and work in a excelent company, well whatever… I’m afraid right now, I’m scared about this situation, Am I a coward? I mean, I started a really hard decision about leave my career at Computer Engineering and entry to study Game Desing the next year, my parent don’t agree the idea to make this “adventure” (like my father’s says)… They won’t support me on this, in any aspcets there, to be sincere, I waited that reaction (well I really waited something much much worst), about that my father told me that I’m a coward, I’m a loser leaving a career near to the finish, the only problem that I see on this is well I guess the time since the end of my universitary career and the possibility to study the Game Design Career, will take so long, and probably I’ll be forced to work in computer stuff that I don’t want to work…

Is a really hard right now, fortunatelly I have the possibility to go, study, work in something and well make my career outside without my parents support.

I’ve decided today to follow the same way with different aspects there, I’m really excited about the possibility to study, but at the same time I’m really afraid, scared, sad probably, I don’t know right now, I mean I’m actually thinking in all those stuff, and my mind is really weird to this situation.


Am I a really coward? Am I a loser? Am I wrong? Just the time will give me the answers and this decision will mark the fate.