Well still with universitary stuff, now we’ll talk about Web development process.

First of all… do our project needs a database? we should start with the database creation, and trying to understand the problem and make the database to store the information needed, actually we have a lot of possibilities like Postgre SQL, SQL server, MySQL, Oracle, etc… we can work with any of those database engines, after of database creation, we must to start the programming aspects… What language do you like most? Java? Php? if it’s java I suggest to you check if your hosting provider supports java, after that you must understand how the connection and programming structure is… maybe you want to work with servlets or maybe use a jsp pages. In hte design aspects on programming I suggest you work with View Controller model, and use some design patterns like singleton, all of these in concordance to make the webpage more useful and with a better performance

Anyway after the programming (the system that manage all the information about insert, delete, modify and show the data)we can concentrate in design, we need a webpage that looks really good… make it KAWAI xD!!!