Hello Guys


Well I started today with the development process of make a level using CryEngine 3 in a 11 days deadline. This is a challenge in the world of level design webpage but applied to UDK, but I decided to make it with CryEngine 3. So there is… the first day is over, now I’m ready to start tomorrow the second day applying more detailing in the level.


This day I made a lot of stuff, first of all I’ve started with a empty terrain and started to make the blocking areas using the brushes than CryEngine gives. Doing work with the terrain modifications tools I made a blocking aspects of my level using the terrain layers and terrain modification. And fortunatelly I completed it today at least in a 95% (I can’t say 100% because ever we can add even more detail in the blocking area).

Now tomorrow I’ll start with the detailing using some vegetation aspects and particles, but today I made all the goals that I wanted to do