Well, second day. Let’s start talking about the development progress.


Today I’ve started with a map at least 90% blocked, anyway I started now with static meshes localization in the game level, using obviously blocking, Now I have more sense in my map, having a good look even without so much vegetation and a lot of detailing off. Now I have probably a “story” for this map. We have a military base in a island in the middle of the sea, the island weather is winter like, so the snow and the sky applied in the map can represent the idea that I have.

I have some screenshots about the end of my development process this day.

GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-47-32-61 GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-47-40-68 GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-47-58-91 GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-48-13-22 GameSDK 2013-09-07 19-48-29-76