Hello Guys!

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last post eh?


Well to be honest I was really busy in my faculty making my final project and well I must to say a few things before I start.

Now I’m a Computer Engineer, Yeah! I did it! well it was a really long career, with some good moments and also a very bad ones… I started my career trying to be the next John Carmack (Okay I admit it) but now I see more clearly that probably my best role is in Level Design. Anyway I was really busy in my final project but I’ve gone to some workshops and jams in the meantime trying to improve my skills and I still the same noob as I was… but with more experience.


Now to be honest I was really busy in my job, checking exams and preparing my classes. I’m a professor in my faculty… But the job ends in August. So I must look for something else… and that’s why I’m doing this new post… trying to make my new project in level design. It took me a while figure what I will do. But now I’m clear.

The project I will decide a name later (probably in my next post that I hope it’ll be soon) but it will be focused in one of the horror stories that I like most. located “In any city in any country go to a mental institution or halfway house in you can get yourself to”… Yes guys I’m talking about “The Holders” serie.

I hope it will be a mental institution that you can face one of the holders (probably I’ll decide an specific holder to do my institution)

Anyway here are a couple of pictures where you can see the first progress in the map

*The assets are part of the “Abandoned Hospital Pack” by Hardsuit Labs