Hello Everybody


Well Actually i’m beginning in my way like a video game Level Designer, for that I decided to use CryEngine 3 Sandbox, is the Free SDK version oriented to make new games using the same technology than Crysis 2.

Time ago when HeXentic Games was a Video game modding team of Heretic and HeXen videogames I made mod called HeXen 3, there I made a couple of maps and the most part of the decorate, on there my maps were really good and to practice the 3d Level designing I started making again the Korax Fortress map of that mode (map 07)

For that mission I’m using CryEngine 3 Free SDK and Google Sketchup, a free 3D model editor, I have the HeXen 2 textures so I decided to use them in this game, actually the textures doesn’t have any shadder… and the progress is really vague… anyway I hope you enjoy my posts on this.